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Having up-to-date, safe tires is an absolute must. Trust the experienced team of technicians at Lewis General Tires to perform all of your tire services speedily and effectively. Located in Rochester, NY, and serving surrounding communities, we take pride in making sure your truck fleet or personal vehicle’s tires are in pristine condition.

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Tire Purchase & Installation

Are you ready to purchase new tires? Our experienced team recommends tires that best fit your vehicle and its needs. Whether it is towing large amounts of weight or constantly in heavy rain, certain tires have a higher load rating or better traction rating. We also recommend installing new tires if your current tires are worn out. Worn-out tires don’t perform correctly due to heating up more quickly, puncturing more easily, and taking on roads less effectively.

Explore our vast tire selection to find the perfect ones for you and your trucking fleet or personal vehicle. Unsure of what’s best? Don’t hesitate to contact our team today!

Tire Repair

You can get a flat tire at any moment. Whether a sharp stone, nail, or other pointed pieces of debris puncture your tire, you’ll need to have that tire replaced or repaired. Repairing your tire not only keeps you safe on the road but can also save you money in the long run. Our team of skilled technicians recommends bringing in a lightly to moderately damaged tire for repair as soon as possible. The sooner the tire is brought in, the more likely we will be able to save it.

We use methods to repair your tire that complies with the Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA). For a punctured tire, our staff will patch, plug, or seal the damaged area. We will also help if your tire is losing air due to valve stem damage or if the tire isn’t securely attached to the wheel’s rim.

Tire Rotation

Lewis General Tires recommends that you rotate your tires to prevent uneven tread wear. Uneven tread commonly occurs because most vehicles don’t distribute weight evenly, meaning that some tires receive more tread than others. By rotating your tires, you’ll distribute weight more evenly, and you’ll save money because you won’t need to replace your tires as frequently.

Did you know that rotating your tires also improves your gas mileage? Well-maintained tires reduce rolling resistance, which affects your vehicle’s performance and gas mileage. Our rotation services can help prevent tread differentiation in tires, encourage better vehicular performance, and save you money!

Computerized Wheel Balancing

Our state-of-the-art wheel balancers pinpoint weight differentiation within a tire and perform wheel assembly. Signs of an unbalanced tire are tire squealing, feeling pulling in one direction, or vibration in your vehicle. Avoid these issues by having our team balance your wheels with our computerized system. Rarely do tires have an even amount of air through the tire or have a perfectly round wheel. This system eliminates these problems and provides safety for you and your vehicle.

Wheel & Rim Jobs

Lewis General Tires has a wide range of wheels and rims to select from to keep your car or truck looking its best. Our wheel and rim experts are excited to make your vehicle even better with high-quality rims. We can provide personalized services and offer expertise in wheel style, wheel configuration, and tire performance.

Allow Wheels

If you do a lot of driving in the mountains or are in stop-and-go traffic constantly, then alloy wheels are the perfect choice for your vehicle. Some alloy wheels are designed to encourage cool airflow over the brakes to prevent overheating. The alloy itself can help dissipate heat, too.

Plus-Size Your Rims

Larger rims improve the performance of your vehicle while adding a sportier look. With a large inner diameter, steering is more responsive, and your car holds the road better. Purchasing larger rims means that you also have to buy new tires.

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“Expert advice, a wide range of options, professional installation, and free rotation and storage. From fleet to the consumer, the place to go for your favorite wear items.”

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We serve both commercial fleets and personal vehicles! Contact us today to learn more about our services!

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